Hooking Rugs in the Winter

Here in Houston, rug hooking can take place in the summer because our homes are air conditioned 24/7.  But it really isn't when rug hooking is my favorite thing to do. My quilting calls to me, because when I was a teacher, summer vacation was my time to create quilt tops. (Also much cooler)

But, we are finally looking at some 40 degree mornings coming this next week. Yippee! Evening spent under the rug I'm working on are a great way to conserve energy and stay warmer.

When do you like to hook the most? To relieve stress? After the dishes are done and the kids asleep? Whenever you can find your hook? :) Telling on myself with that one!

Have you tried to hook a rug yet? Haven't seen any comments lately, and I've sold several of the kits in my store. I'm going to offer some larger designs soon, with wool strip sets seperate.  One will be a cat design, and another a canning jar. Both are my own designs, and I enjoyed hooking them both, and hope that some of you will too.

Remember that hooking is a great way to relieve stress, feed your artistic side, recycle/upcycle some worn out woolen garments, and stay warm! Enjoy!





Are you making quilts now?

Are you making quilts now?

Sorry, that such a long time

Sorry, that such a long time has gone by, without a reply. No exciting world trip to use as a good excuse. Just busy with family, and didn't drop by!

I actually have a new quilt started for friends who have moved to a new home. But I've been working on rugs too. I've finished a big one that is also a gift, but it hasn't been given yet, and I want it to be a complete surprise to the person it is coming to. I'll post a picture of it, after the gift is given.

I'll try to check in again next week, but you may have given up on getting an answer... again, sorry!