Looking forward to some cooler weather!

Depending on where you're reading this blog post, you may be like me looking forward to cooler weather, or dreading the return of winter.

Our temperature today (late September) topped 94 degrees and the humidity made me "glow" as we say here in Houston! When we first moved here, I told my sis that it was wonderful to live somewhere where moisturizer wasn't needed! Of course, you go through at least 3 times the deoderant, so works about the same so far as $$$. ;)

Anyway, while snuggling under a rug in mid July isn't likely down here, it is one of my favorite parts of hooking in the fall or winter. We tend to put off starting up the furnace as long as possible, to help offset our air conditioning bills that last from May through September or later... We had weeks of days near or over 100. sigh.

Just designed a new rug, based on something one of our dear kats was doing while I was hooking in my chair. It is called "Sharing My Wool". The pattern I drew out was actually rug sized, but I plan to scale it down for a smaller mat and possibly needlepunch design. Can't wait to show it to you here.

That is another thing I love about rughooking. I'm not artistic at all in my drawing skills. Luckily, as primitive style is not entirely realistic, my drawing is fine. If you haven't tried designing a rug yet, give it a try!