Learn Christ Method Of Problem Solving In Living

At first glance you may find this particular proposal too simple or even improbable to implement . However it is in concord with our heavenly father 's genuine nature - Love . It 's the way our heavenly father manages situations . Yes indeed, it really is easy and often seems to improbable to practice . However, you certainly will soon discover how swimmingly it works in any emergency of your life time - just keep exercising and improving time after time .

If you got stuck in a position, if the route of life resembles a dead end road to you personally :

Stop rushing , discontinue fighting, give up arguing .


Start to love. Love is supreme being 's true nature, Passion is your true nature, because you are daughter or son of supreme being - made to his image .

Restart your lifespan as you were reincarnating at this point of life time . Learn from past scenarios, from past " errors ", do something new and different by utilizing all the collected experiences of your past. Learn to see your past errors as of lessons that you failed to comprehend or to understand successfully rather than naming them " errors ". There are but acquiring scenarios in lifetime - never can there be any true fault - only missed object lessons. Recollect what your are performing at university when you fail an exam - you get more info and try again the theme until you pass in a way that satisfies you. All life time functions but to teach you how to behave as an grownup and sacred Child of God - made to his image !

Just keeping in mind what renascence does to human beings - it offers all of us another possibility , over and over . We ourselves release our past and the past of all others, and also all of our " foes" forget about our past. We keep the essence of our past experiences and obtain another chance to improve and learn more . To learn to love and care all scenarios with Passion.

If you don't know any further.

If you appear like in a one way road and you can't see any probability to return or alter way of your "destiny " - present the situation to supreme being , ask him in a prayer to resolve the situation and start loving yourself and all your heavenly sisters. Yes, others are your sisters - because they all are offspring of supreme being . And because they're offspring of our all heavenly father, they are definitely godly . As sacred as your genuine nature is. Acknowledge to them all the right to make errors , because they most of them are learning to love. And they all are improving day after day . Yield them tomorrow the opportunity and the right to behave and act differently than they did this very day, yesterday or the days before. They all may have acquired much and may just be waiting to utilize what they have acquired.

Always remember - the only important object lesson in lifetime is to acquire to love in any and all scenarios . It 's the most valuable , the most wanted talent that you can ever render to our all heavenly father - your Love .

If you want to go to court against someone:

Dismiss your cause, Give it to supreme being and emphasize on love .

Your self importance only might be hurt by offensive activities or words of others - never your soul - your genuine being. Others however may help you to learn loving all told situations. They may do so by plaguing you, by showing you your weak point in your doings, they are teaching you and helping you . Be grateful they showed you another area to improve , another solution to get roughly heavenly father . Thus they may result to be your best allies without you knowing and recognising it at all .

If someone is fighting you and you want to fight down yourself:

Dismiss it - halt defending yourself - defence is an aggressive reaction to aggression . Defense is aggression - no matter what the cause. Your defensive reaction most probably may result in another Karma for you to endure any time later. Love can never even be affected by aggression . Learn to " suck and break up" aggressive actions , words or thoughts coming from others toward you in your developing Passion within, these are but what you have "distributed " among others in early days of your today;s or any former lifetime . The more you dissolve these aggressions from others by just continuing to love progressively and asking God to help you in improving the quality, the pureness of your Passion, the less "ammunition " others will have, because your Karma is melting down in the flame of your uninterrupted heavenly Love toward all assertive scenarios.

Keep your head and your emotions loaded with Passion - virgin, Divine Passion. Keep concentrating on heavenly father and his eternal Bliss and Love for yourself and act as a channel of this godly Passion to all the souls involved in that particular situation .

If don't know how to act in the least.


It's always right to love and it always puzzles out. Just practice it while using the power of your heart and all the force of your soul and pray to supreme being assist you to exercise Passion 24 hours a day . our heavenly father is the foundation of all Passion inclusive of all love you give to others or you receive from others.

Love is the resolution, the end to all your problems . Once you have acquired to truly love like a daughter or son of creator of all creation, there will probably be no more need for problems to arise in your lifetime , because you have learned to love.

The only goal of any rather troubles to take place in your lifetime is to offer some help to improve and learn loving. The problems may keep coming over and over again as long as you keep fighting back , struggling, debating .

If you need more might of love to carry on as above, practice in your own life Jesus teachings of love unite with full Jesus Christ Kriya Yoga and open for God to interact with the original source of all passion.

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