Rag Rug Pictures

Kristin Smith of Peculiar, Missouri, writes,

"Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have loved working on my rug, and I already have plans for the next one."

Toothbrush rug by KristinToothbrush rug by Kristin


Ginger writes,

"Every year my husband and I travel to the Adirondacks for our wedding anniversary at the end of September and I wanted something to do while relaxing at our rustic campsite. I make bobbin lace, but that is not the easiest to do while camping and the lighting needed for that is not good in the lean-to. So I decided 2 days before leaving to start a rag rug with fabric I had in the attic from my aunt. I was able to work on it in the car and got a great start on it. While camping and on the ride home I completed a good 10 inch circle. Wow did it looks nice and smelled just like the campfire. During October I added on to it to bring it to 16 inch circle. By the end of 2008 I have completed a 27 inch circle! I love it so far and going to keep on going. So I hope to make it big enough for in front of our fireplace in the dining room."

Toothbrush rug by GingerToothbrush rug by Ginger

Whimfield writes,

"This was my third rag rug. It's beside the bed in my spare bedroom!"

Toothbrush rug by WhimfieldToothbrush rug by Whimfield

Shaunna T. writes,

"I've been trying to find the right thing to solve the cold floor problem in my sons' play room for the longest time. I used simple crocheting logic (an extra stitch at each turning point) to go back and forth in the center to make it a square, since the space I need to fill is square.  I'm also adding three extra stitches in each corner as it gets larger to accomodate the size. Thanks so much again for the how to instructions."

Square rag rug by Shaunna T.Square rag rug by Shaunna T.




Shelly from Cheyenne, WY writes,

"I finished this rug late last night. My strips were a bit bigger (about 4" wide) than what you show in your videos but it still worked out.  I used old sheets that I received off of the local freecycle group here in Cheyenne. There were the bright blue plaid sheets which I wished after ward that I hadn't used because it just wasn't the same color hue, a pair of dark maroon and dark blue plaid sheets and then solid dark blue sheets and a light tan small checkered sheets. All were twin sized flat sheets and when I ran out of rags, the rag was finished by stitching the ends inside the rug. It was wavy in a few spots so I laid it down flat, laid a damp towel on top of it and blocked it by ironing the towel. It lays completely flat now. It measures about 3 feet long. It's not perfect but it works great for the front door and my husband likes the colors a lot more than the one I made from old pink sheets."

Mady by Shelly in CheyenneMady by Shelly in Cheyenne

Rhonda writes, "Thank you so much for the tutorial video! It's so much easier for me when I can SEE it. You did a great job! I've included a link for you to see my first rug. It didn't come out perfect but I learn more as I make them. I've already started another one and thinking of the next as I'm working! The possibilities are endless! And again, Thank you!!"

Rhonda's RugRhonda's Rug

Michael Anne writes, "I have been having a BLAST thanks to you. My sister saw something in a magazine about toothbrush rugs and told me about them. Soooo, doing what I do best, I researched them on the web and found you guys and the rug goth as well. Your instructional video is the best that I have found. Sooo off I went to see what I could do, because truthfully, I really didn't think it would be as easy as it seemed. WOW was I ever shocked. Easy, and fun. I did run into the problem of it trying to "bowl" on me but simply corrected by adding a stitch or two and lessening up on my tension, found out snug was better than tight. I am sending pics of the first one that is on my kitchen floor in front of the sink. It has already been abused by everyone who walks past and the dogs think I made it for them and it is holding up beautifully. Just used some cotton fabric I already had with intentions of quilting. This is better, can take with me everywhere, can't quilt everywhere. And you can see the finished product and have it in use in a day, depending on size of course. Anyway, THANK YOU, and Happy Rugging."Micheal Anne's Rug in the KitchenMicheal Anne's Rug in the Kitchen

Shelly from Cheyenne, WY writes, "My aunt made me this rug for my baby's room. I am working on one as well but I doubt it will come out as pretty."

Made by Shelly's aunt!Made by Shelly's aunt!





Debby from Esmont, VA, writes, "Thank you so much!  I am so thrilled to have my first rug run and in front of the kitchen sink since finding your site with instructions this past weekend! Bless you!!!!"

Debby's RugDebby's Rug

Debby later writes, "Dear Rag Rug Cafe:  Attached are 2 shots of my latest Rag Rug, which I made learning from your site just a month ago. I started this one on January 15, and worked on it daily, so it has taken pretty much one month to complete (I just finished it today, Februrary 17!). It measures 66" x 47". Thank you so much for your tutorial!  Now I need to learn how to make square or rectangular ones!"

Debby's Colorful OvalDebby's Colorful Oval

Debby's Colorful OvalDebby's Colorful Oval

Sally writes, "I'm sending a picture of one of the rugs I made with the toothbrush technique.  I love making these and have made about 25 rugs, chair pads, hot pads and coasters.  I view rags and scraps a whole new way ever since I've started making these.  Thanks for the instructions."

Sally's classy patternSally's classy pattern

Laird writes, "Hi, I found your website last spring and was so thrilled to see the video instructions and started on this rug right away.  I have made a braided rug before but found this to be much faster and easier and thus much more fun.  Mine is made of wool and took me months (working on it off and on).  It's now finished at 7 1/2 feet across and very cushy.  Thanks so much for the instructions!!  I've now taught three other people how to do this and they are ruggin' away. :)

Laird Memory
Atlanta, Georgia"

Laird - Rug 1Laird - Rug 1



Laird - Rug 2Laird - Rug 2

Val writes, "I was so happy to find your rug instructions and started right away making rugs. I am working on two at present and have given a rug to one daughter and a new grandbaby. I will attach pics. The pink and brown was the baby's rug, the blue is the one I gave my daughter, the other is one I am working on but I want to make it bigger. I am working on another in lime and black, for grand daughters room. I have promised to make 2 of the lime for 2 grand daughters. Again, thank you very much. "

Val's Rug for Grand-DaughterVal's Rug for Grand-Daughter

Val's Blue Rug for DaughterVal's Blue Rug for Daughter


Val's lovely work in progressVal's lovely work in progress


Below is Marcy's beautiful and gentle color scheme, and matching basket! She says, "This is a 3 foot round rug I just finished knotting. I had extra fabric, so I crocheted a matching basket!" I love the gentle colors! It would be a perfect gift for a new born baby girl.

Marcy RugMarcy Rug















Below are two photos of Angiy's excellent rugs... The first is a work-in-progress and the second rug is a completed one. About the second photo, Angiy says, "It's my second attempt and I was quite pleased with it .. It's seriously addictive ! Thanks for all the fabulous tutorials!"

Angiy's Work-In-ProgressAngiy's Work-In-Progress

Angiy's Final RugAngiy's Final Rug

Another photo below from Angiy... It's now complete! Lovely

Finished by AngiyFinished by Angiy

Angiy recently sent me another photo (see below) of a gift she made for a family member. :)

Angiy GiftAngiy Gift


Sally B. sent in this photo (below) of a sweet rug she made for her niece's new baby:




Kato Charles from Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies made these three beautiful rugs below!!!

Kato 3Kato 3


Kato 2Kato 2

Kato 1Kato 1


The oval rug below was Sharon's first rug! It's so tight and tidy, it's beautiful. Added Oct, 2011:


"Here is a picture of my first toothbrush rag rug. I found your web site/blog and it really sparked my interest and got me going. I found some resources to help me along but this is where I got my start. Thank you for sharing your passion so freely. I'm really enjoying my new hobby. I'm almost finished with my second rug and I'm gather fabric for my third. Sharon McCarron"

The below pic is Sharon's second rug! Added Jan 27, 2012.

"Here's a picture of my second rug. I am pleased with the colors. It measures around 36 by 48 inches. I have plans to begin a large area rug very soon using a large variety of colors.
Thanks again for your web site. It really inspired me to explore this new craft.
Sharon McCarron"


The below pic is Mercedes' first rug! Added Feb 17, 2012.

"This is my first rug. Thank you so much for the instructions :) Next I would love to try a rectangle.  Mercedes Shea, Westerly, RI"





Check out the beautiful handmade toothbrush rug needles below!

"These are my 2 favorite needles, made by my DH. So far, I've used 2.5 Queen-sized sheets, and my rug is a 3x4' oval. I'm hoping to get the rug twice this big. We'll see!"

-- TN Lizzie in West TN

Lizzie's homemade needlesLizzie's homemade needles

The below pic was added in July, 2012.

My  name is Elena, and I am from San Diego, California, this is my second rag rug I made." (pic below)





The below pic was added in July, 2012.

"My first rug with your instructions." Theresa (pic below)

By TheresaBy Theresa

The below pic was added in July, 2012.

"This is the most recent rug I made for my son.  It's the first rectangle rug I've made.  I'm happy with the way it turned out. Sally B." (pic below)







The below picture was added on Aug 17, 2012.

"I've finished another rug this week using up lots of scraps.

Thanks, Sally"

Rectangle rug by Sally - Aug 2012Rectangle rug by Sally - Aug 2012



The below photo was added June 2014.

"Here is my First Circular Toothbrush Rag Rug I made :) I learned from your instructions I am wanting to try the oval and rectangular one. Thanks for sharing"

Danielle. Renfrew Ontario Canada.

Danielle's RugDanielle's Rug



















Have you made a rag rug with these free instructions? Please email your name, location, and a photo of your rug to contact@ragrugcafe.com. Happy rugging!


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